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Insight Subluxation Station

Since your nervous system’s vitality is our focus at Delightful Chiropractic, we make use of advanced diagnostic technology which scans your along spine accessing the status of your nervous system. The scans are completely painless, non-invasive, and safe to perform during pregnancy or on children. We test your nervous system using one, two, or all three scan technologies:

Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability analyzes the beat-to-beat variation in heart rate. Changes and variations in heart rate occur due to a number of different physiologic phenomena, including breathing and nervous system activity. This test captures the essence of a patient’s ability to handle everyday stressors and to manage the associated chronic stress load.   Stressors can be physical, emotional, or chemical, and are often hidden or been accumulating for some time. This test shows if your stress is creating an underlying burden to your nervous and; therefore, lowering your capacity for health, vitality, and life.

Surface EMG

Surface Electro-Myo-Graphy measures the efficiency and effectiveness of how your body is doing being under the constant stress of gravity.  Ideally, humans have an optimal pattern of energy distribution along their neuro-musculo-postural system. Too-high energy or too-low energy are not optimal conditions.  Also, the body works better when it has symmetry, meaning balance in the left and right sides of the spine and postural muscles.


The thermal scan measures temperature differences of the spine from right to left and bottom to top.  The disturbances to your nervous system may show up as temperature differences along your spine due to inflammation and/or changes in blood flow. The nervous system coordinates and controls every organ and system in the body, including skin temperatures, so disruptive patterns on this scan indicates chronicity or “depth” of the disturbance into the nervous system.  Furthermore, you may be experiencing disruptions along the same nerves levels heading to and from the related organ and organ system.


At your doctor’s report, we  will review your scans and what your results mean for your health challenges and health goals. Our state-of-the-science software will take the results of your three scans and combine them into one simple score, the COREScore. A higher COREScore (best is 100) means your nervous system is better adaptable to the stressors of life and you have higher potential for health, wellness, and vitality.